Analytics are a crucial integration for any website, web app, or mobile device application. Capturing accurate and detailed analytics of how users behave on your platform will provide you with troves of opportunities to improve the User Experience (or UX) of your platform. You’ll also gain knowledge of how many users are accessing your platform and from what sources. Knowing the volume of traffic from specific sources is key to maintaining and growing impactful digital marketing.

User Behavior

Proper analytics will track each user as they access your platform and monitor how they behave while they’re visiting. With this type of analytics integration, a web admin is able to see the following and more

  • Where a user came from (which website, email link, sms link, etc…)
  • Which page the user landed on
  • How long the user spent on each page
  • Which pages the user navigates to next
  • Any actions the user takes
  • Which page the user leaves the platform from

The above is a small snippet of the details you gain access to with the right analytics integration. But why is this information helpful?

Improve your platform’s UX

With accurate analytics data your web admins are able to determine which page designs keep the user engaged longer. Likewise it becomes apparent which page designs lead to users navigating away from the platform (leaving). Armed with this knowledge, web admins are able to direct page design changes that will result in more engagements with fewer users navigating away from the platform.

Data driven re-marketing

Most entities rely on multiple marketing campaigns for their advertising efforts. These campaigns target specific products or services and usually in different versions to appeal to various consumer personality types. Accurate data reporting on how each campaign is performing with which demographics enables a web admin to double down on the more effective campaigns while scaling back budget on the low performers.

If you’re wasting money on a campaign that is bring you negligible ROI, analytics will show you that. Likewise if you’re throttling the budget of your most successful campaigns, analytics will show you that as well. Operating from accurate data and pivoting with the data will allow any entity to drastically improve their marketing ROI.