An entity’s branding is crucial to controlling the impact of first impressions. While great first impressions lead to higher conversion rates and a returning audience, a poor first impression can blend you into the crowd.

The purpose of branding is multifaceted. While you want the brand to represent culture and values, you also need it to appeal to the correct audience. Every entity is unique in its story and driving motivations. Whether backed by years of history, or pioneering a start-up, every initiative has a story to be told through its brand.

Branding and meaning

Part of hitting the mark as a branding artist is taking the deep roots and core values and expressing them in a single, simple representation. When the target audience views a well put together brand, they should immediately understand the general industry and purpose of the entity behind it. Further, the best brands are flavored with subtleties of their history and core values.

Memorable brands

Working the roots into the image is only half of the battle. Another goal for building a quality brand is to create an image that people will remember. Relating to your industry and qualities is just as important as creating the correct style of design; this will ensure you capture your target audience. Branding psychology proves that eyes are instinctively drawn to attractive visuals, so your logo ought to capitalize on that fact.

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