Mobile Apps

Our main focus is Mobile Application Development for cross-platform solutions. This means building the app one time and deploying it to iPhone, Android, Zebra and/or other device operating systems. Traditional app development requires building the app separately for each platform you want it to be available on. Rather than hire several developers to achieve cross-platform compatibility, we use state-of-the-art compilation software to deploy a single code-base to multiple platforms. This process provides a massive advantage in time-to-market and greatly reduces traditional development budgets.

Web Development VS Native Code

Through the use of web development tools, libraries and languages, Webables brings agility to your mobile or web application project. In the many projects we touch, one thing stays consistent: web development resources remain the center of our source code architecture. We stick to this rule for a few reasons

  1. It makes prototyping and production development extremely fast.
  2. Web developers are much cheaper and easier to find than native software developers.
  3. The software we use to compile our codebase down to multiple native languages is open-source and free to use.

Our list of tools constantly changes as new technology is rolled out to the public for consumption. Tool research and selection is another primary focus at Webables.