SEO is the foundation for getting your online entity to place prominently in search engine results. Even with a decent SEM Budget you will still need your website prioritized for the keywords you plan to campaign with.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Most people think of Google when they hear this term, however SEO relates to a website’s search-ability across multiple search engines. Most of “the other guys” utilize Google’s algorithms to some degree, however they each come up with their own secret-sauce in algorithm utilization. Some other search engine examples include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • DuckDuckGo
  • Bing
  • Yahoo Search
  • AOL Search
  • Yandex

SEO is the science behind the steps necessary to get a website at the top of various Search Engines for various search phrases. For example, if a local plumbing company wants to compete with online marketing, they are tasked with embedding their website with terms like “plumber in San Antonio”, or “stop a leak New York”. With these terms appearing consistently and in an organized fashion throughout the website’s content, various search engines will use their proprietary algorithms to crawl and index the website for relatable searches.

The goal of every search engine is to deliver the web page that the searcher is looking for, every time. To that end, search engines provide public guidance on how to best optimize a website for search-ability. Simply following this guidance is key to beginning your SEO journey.

Data Driven

Every SEO campaign should should start promptly with accurate and abundant data. This is where Webables thrives in providing the correct guidance needed for selecting campaign targets. Data is easy to dig up, but accurate data takes a niche in the market of data analytics. Among several Google tools, Webables also utilizes several third party libraries for compiling key industrial data and generating impactful reports. Competition in the SEO space can be very fierce. As such, your SEO campaigns ought to be bullet-proof with optimization.

SEO Guidance

Regardless of where you are in your SEO process, a little guidance can go a long way in getting the highest return on your investment. Webables has a long running track record for getting entities placed prominently in leading search engines. Organization is the first stop in the SEO process. Your industry and specific products/services/ideas will allow us to collaboratively create a tree of hierarchically organized categories that most accurately define your entity. From this organized picture, we begin to asses the organization of your website and its content. We begin with recommendations of key changes to that carry the heaviest impact for improving your current optimization score. Webables is capable of quickly executing these changes at your request.