About Webables

Ken Hayes | Owner, Webables LLC

Based out of Adel, Georgia, Webables is a technology company that specializes in web, software and hardware solutions.

Ken Hayes | Owner

Our primary focus is complete development of both websites and mobile device applications; from creating an amazing brand/logo to the custom coding that goes behind an online presence and digital marketing.

If we can help it, we like to see a project through from start to finish. This allows us to build the project in a way that the brand, layout and functionality complement each other. Regardless of who built your project, we can get it marketed to success. We even provide media and drone services to help you sculpt content that is unique to your entity.

What else does Webables do?

Beyond websites and apps, we build plenty of custom plugins, interfaces and various integrations. If it has anything to do with websites or digital data, we touch it.

  • Google Business Profiles & Google Ads
  • SEO / SEM – 1st place in google search results
  • Content creation
  • Photography and videography
  • Custom website design and development
  • Custom mobile device application design and development
  • Custom WordPress themes and plugins
  • LMS, CMS, LRS, RMS enterprise level platforms
  • Complete branding packages (logos)
  • Data migrations (emails, Office365, Google, SMS)
  • Intelligent Electro-Mechanical solutions (surveillance, manufacturing, robotics)
  • Machine learning and neural network development

Web & App SEO/SEM

From building the product to marketing the product, we walk our Clients through the entire journey. According to Tech.co, 50% of new tech business fail before the first 4 years. Our Clients do not fall into that statistic. We start with the data and pivot with the data, keeping your entity at the top of its market competition. Each SEO and SEM campaign is as unique as a person’s finger print. They should be tailored, concise and focused. There are many SEO and SEM indexing strategies, but none seem to rival ours. We like to let our Case Studies speak for themselves. We take pride in our consistency with getting our Clients’ products or services in the spotlight they deserve.